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consultancy & technical support services 


offers extensive consultancy and technical support services in a whole range of company shoe projects.
From 25 years in the industrial shoe business, kilianshoe has the shoe making know-how and an in depth knowledge of the world wide infrastructure of shoemaking.
Product presentation, packaging and promotion is an essential part of kilianshoe expertise.


Conception and planning of new shoe development.

Marketing concepts including advertising, brochures, displays and shoe fair stands.

Development of a collection architecture to the point that it is ready to sell.

Reworking of existing collection groups to bring them into line with company philosophy and branding expected by the end consumer.

Supervision and organisation of the technical development of the sample collection from start to finish.

Design proposals

Last development

Sole development

Footbed development


This is the fundemental philosophy of kilianshoe. For kilianshoe a good fit, a solid construction as well as an attractive look, are the criteria for success in shoemaking.

The long term success and credibility of a brand in the shoe market depends on technical innovation and the integrity of the product. Collection groups belong together - no shoe should look as if it doesn´t belong.

kilianshoe has a relationship with good shoes. For many years it has been committed to developing high quality shoe work in the context of understanding the whole world of the shoe business. This is the basis of successful concepts.

kilianshoe takes responsibility for preparing the sample collection and the delivery of the batch production on time. Their work is not finished until obstacles are removed and problems are solved.

kilianshoe has ideas and helps in planning and developing shoe production.

In short, kilianshoe realises shoe ideas. 

After a good German education and a brief excursion into surveying, Lutz Kilian Klüter embarked on his apprenticeship as an orthopaedic shoemaker. His passion for beautiful shoes was born.

Even while doing his community service caring for handicapped adults, he built his first workshop to make lasts for hand made shoes.

Between 1990 and 1995, he worked with the best quality shoe manufacturers in Europe, including Terra Plana by Charles Bergmans, undertaking the marketing of their products throughout Germany and beyond. Between the collection selling seasons, he worked in shoe manufacturing plants, controlling sample development and improving shoe quality production.

After 1995, he worked for a small company creating a completely new integrated shoe collection. Working with a multi disciplinary team, from design to shoe construction and the packaging and promotion materials,
a highly successful collection was developed.

Since 1997, he has been working as a free lance consultant in the shoe industry worldwide. Projects undertaken include, managing of a relocation of a shoe production facility to another country and setting new production standards, development of a completely new comfort shoe product, producing a computer assisted method for production of made to measure shoes and a range of smaller projects in Europe and the Far East.

Lutz Kilian Klüter
Gerolsteinerstr. 7
50937 Cologne, Germany

Phone: +49 (0)178 7728 900 

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